AWS(Amazon Web Services) Basic Course

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Training is designed to help you pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) - Associate Exam. You will gain expertise on AWS Cloud Computing and its services like Lambda, S3, EC2, VPC, Redshift, IAM, EBS, Cloudfront, Snowball, Cloudwatch, DynamoDb, Glacier, SES, SNS.

Important Points

  • The Course will be held on Weekends and Weekdays as per student availability
  • It’s a 12 hour course
  • It’s a 2 weekend classes or a Mon -Fri (7 am to 10 am)
  • The course is for Basic Understanding of AWS and its components
  • Fee for the Online class is Rs 5000 only
  • For more details mail( or call on the below mentioned numbers( 9123234756 ) mail us

Topics Covered


Introduction to the Certified Developer – Associate course.

Identity Access Management (IAM)

IAM 101

IAM – Lab

IAM – Summary

EC2 & Getting Setup

Create an EC2 Instance

How to use Putty (Windows Users Only)

The AWS CLI – Using Credentials

The AWS CLI – Using Roles

EC2 Instance Meta-data

SDK’s – Exam Tips


S3 Essentials

Create an S3 Bucket Using the Console

S3 Version Control

S3 Lifecycle Management & Glacier

Cloud Front Overview

Create a CDN


S3 Transfer Acceleration

Databases Overview & Concepts

Database Essentials


Introduction to DynamoDB

Creating a DynamoDB Table

DynamoDB Indexes

Scan vs Query API Calls

DynamoDB & Provisioned Throughput

Using Web Identity Providers To Connect To Authenticate To DynamoDB

Other important aspects of DynamoDB

Route53 & DNS

DNS 101

Route53 – Register Your Domain Lab

Simple Routing Policy Lab

Weighted Routing Policy Lab

Latency Routing Policy Lab

Failover Routing Policy Lab

Geolocation Routing Policy

Simple Queue Service (SQS)

What is SQS?

SQS Developer Exam Tips

Simple Notification Services (SNS)

Introduction to SNS

Creating an SNS Topic

SNS Summary

Simple Workflow Service (SWF)

Introduction to SWF


Using Cloud Formation

Elastic Beanstalk

Using Elastic Beanstalk

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

VPC Overview

Building our own custom VPC

Build A Custom VPC – Part

Network Address Translation (NAT)

Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Custom VPC’s and ELBs

NAT’s vs Bastions

VPC Flow Logs

Key Takeaways

Job oriented real time Training.