Cloud Technology Online Training

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn and excel in Cloud Technology? If yes then enroll now as we have a perfectly planned course that will train you in details about the concepts of all the major players of cloud (AWS, Azure, Google cloud and Oracle cloud) and provide hands-on training to excel at it.

Important Points

  • It’s not a recorded session it will be one to one session with the trainer with 90% pracicals.
  • The Course will be held on Weekends and Weekdays as per student availability
  • It’s a 24 hour course
  • It’s a 4 weekend classes or a Mon -Fri (7 am to 9 am or 10 am to 12 pm)
  • Help you develop the skills to administer all the major cloud
  • Teach the skills needed to become a cloud architect
  • Fee for the Course Rs 10000 only
  • For more details mail( or call on the below mentioned numbers( 9123234756 ) mail us

Topics Covered

The course taught by experts will cover the following topics:


  1. Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  2. S3 life cycle and web server to host a static website
  3. VPC
  4. EC2
  5. Elastic Load Balancer
  6. DNS with Route53
  7. Amazon RDS database


  1. Azure portal
  2. Region/Availability Zones
  3. Compute
  4. Networking
  5. Storage
  6. Database

    Google Cloud

  1. Google portal
  2. Region/Availability Zones
  3. Compute Resources
  4. Data Storage Options
  5. Network Resources

    Oracle Cloud

  1. OCI Pre-Class Setup
  2. OCI Introduction
  3. OCI Identity and Access Management Service
  4. OCI Cloud Network Service
  5. OCI Connectivity
  6. OCI Compute Service
  7. OCI Block Volume Service
  8. OCI File Storage
  9. OCI Object Storage Service
  10. OCI Data Transfer
  11. OCI Load Balancer Service
  12. OCI Database Service
  13. OCI DNS Service