Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Online Training

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn and excel in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ? If yes then enroll now as we have a perfectly planned course that will train you in details about the concepts of OCI and provide hands on training to excel at it.

Important Points

  • The Course will be held on Weekends and Weekdays as per student availability
  • It’s a 10 hour course
  • It’s a 2 weekend classes or a Mon -Fri (6 am to 8 am or 10 am to 12 pm)
  • Help you develop the skills to administer Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Teach the skills needed to become a cloud architect for OCI
  • Fee for the Course Rs 5000 only
  • For Fee mail or call on the below mentioned numbers( 9123234756 ) mail us

Topics Covered

TThe course taught by experts will cover the following topics:

  • OCI Pre-Class Setup
  • OCI Introduction
  • OCI Identity and Access Management Service
  • OCI Cloud Network Service
  • OCI Connectivity
  • OCI Compute Service
  • OCI Block Volume Service
  • OCI File Storage
  • OCI Object Storage Service
  • OCI Data Transfer
  • OCI Load Balancer Service
  • OCI Database Service
  • OCI DNS Service