SOA Administration Online Classes

The Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Administration course describes how Oracle SOA Suite 11g, a Middleware component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, provides a complete set of service infrastructure components (such as Mediator, BPEL, Human Workflow, Business Rules, and Business Process Management components) for designing, deploying, and managing SOA composite applications.

Important Points

  • The Course is a self learning course with the access to Online Videos on all the topic's
  • It’s a 24 hour course
  • It’s a 2 weekend classes or a Mon -Fri (6 am to 8 am or 8 pm to 10 pm
  • Either Saturday or Sunday for 8 hour each.(10-5)
  • The course is for SOA Administrator (Its not SOA development)


The participant is therefore required to have knowledge about essential Oracle WebLogic Server administration tasks.(If you need Weblogic Training Click on the below Link

You need to have a Hardware which have at least 8 GB RAM

Topics Covered

  1. Introduction to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g
    • Fusion Middleware concepts
    • WebLogic Server Domain, Administration Server and Managed Server
    • Oracle Instance , Oracle Home, Metadata Repository
    • File System and Directory Structure in Fusion Middleware
  2. Installation & configuration of Fusion Middleware (DB, WebLogic & SOA Suite)
    • Installing Oracle Database
    • Installing Metadata Repository for Fusion Middleware
    • Installing WebLogic Server
    • Installing Additional Fusion Middleware component (SOA Suite)
    • Configuring Fusion Middleware component (SOA Suite)
    • Start/Stop Services
    • Start/Stop WebLogic Administration Server
    • Start/Stop Middleware Control
  3. Node Manager and Deploying Application
    • Introduction to Node Manager
    • Configuring Node Manager and starting Managed Servers using Node Manager
    • Overview of Deploying Applications
    • Understanding Data Sources
    • Deploying and Undeploying Java EE Applications
  4. Monitoring Oracle Fusion Middleware
    • Overview of Monitoring Oracle Fusion Middleware
    • Monitoring the Status of Oracle Fusion Middleware
    • Monitoring an Oracle WebLogic Server Domain
    • Monitoring an Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Server or Managed Server
    • Monitoring a Component
    • Monitoring Applications
    • Monitoring the Performance of Oracle Fusion Middleware Components
  5. Configuring Security and High Availability for SOA
    • Creating Additional Administrative Users
    • Creating Additional Users with Specific Roles
    • Changing the Administrative User Password
    • Defining Virtual Hosts for SOA Cluster
    • Installation and Configuration of SOA in Active Cluster.
  6. Lab Exercises

    Create two virtual Machine and install Oracle Enterprise Linux
    Install Oracle Database 11g
    Load Fusion Middleware Schema in Database
    Install WebLogic Server 11g
    Install Fusion Middleware Component (SOA Suite)
    Configure SOA Suite 11g
    Start/Stop Services on Fusion Middleware
    Configure and Start Node Manager
    Install and Configure WebCache 11g as Software Load Balancer


    What you need to Have
    Laptop or Desktop (8 GB RAM)

    Key Takeaways
    Job oriented real time Training.

    Videos Link :